Our Company
Zep srl was founded in 1988 by Mr and Mrs Zanini and with their
commitment and passion it has grown to be a successful producer of
a wide range of PVC products.

From their base in San Giorgio delle Pertiche, 16 km from
the centre of Padua, they supply the photographic and paper industry
sectors as well as promotional desktop and office articles.

The high quality of their products combined with excellent service has helped Zep to earn the
reputation as one of the most famous suppliers of photo albums in Italy.

In the 1990s Zep decided to develop a new line of photo albums which they called ‘MARQUZE’. This product has been remarkably successful and it now forms a key element in the company’s image.

From the beginning of the 21st century Zep used their knowledge of market trends to source products in Asia. With careful control of production this has meant that Zep continue to offer high quality products at competitive prices.

In 2004 Zep opened a Spanish branch, IBIS PRODUCTION, located in Girona and this operates in the Spanish and Portuguese markets.

Following successful attendances at the Photokina fair Zep has expanded its business throughout Europe. Today Zep has 16 sales agents in Italy, 10 in Spain, 9 in Germany, 2 in France and an Area Manager responsible for the Euro zone.

Zep is proud to offer a wide range of
high quality products to its customers:
photo albums in rice or silk paper, photo
frames in wood, silver, metal, glass
and plastic as well as customised b2b PVC products.